SeiSee 2.22

Views and examines files with seismic data
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2.22.6 (See all)
Sergey I. Pavlukhin

Visualize seismic data encased in SEG-Y and CST files by opening them with the application supporting integer (2,4 bytes) and IBM float (4 bytes) samples. It also provides the option to write your own SEG-Y files and browse data based on trace index or a header value.

The SeiSee program shows seismic data in SEG-Y, CWP/SU, CGG CST format on screen of your personal computer. The program supports standard an integer (2,4 bytes) and IBM float (4 bytes) sample formats. It can also write the whole SEG-Y file or part of it to disk in the SEG-Y (IBM-32) format with the ability to select data on the base of trace index or trace a header value and given time interval.

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